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August 1, 2010

Cat Bullet

New Orleans Adventure

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As I mentioned previously, I recently headed to New Orleans for the wedding of a long time friend. The red sweater was too big to be a comfortable travel project, so I did a quick stash dive and brought out a new project:

Lamia, from the “First Fall 2010″ edition of Knitty. It is a scarf made out of sock yarn and is in kind of a leafy, lacy pattern. Complex, but not too difficult to work on away from home. I’m making it in Sophie’s Toes sock yarn, color called “Harlequin.”

So, the scarf started out with just one section completed. We were disappointed on the flight out because they turned the lights off in the cabin (it was a late evening flight), so not much work got done on it during the flight.

Friday morning, I wandered around, mainly riding the Street Cars up and down. Eventually, it got too hot and humid, so I went back and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of knitting and investigating the functionality of my new iPod Touch (very cool toy, by the way…).

On Saturday, I met up with two friends from High School (waves at Tami and Melissa!!!). We had a yummy lunch and then headed out to explore the French Quarter. The scarf, which had grown quite a bit on Friday afternoon), asked to come along and we said that was OK.

On St. Charles Avenue, the scarf was very amused and wondered what the trees had done to “earn” this many Mardi Gras beads…
Live Oak Trees and Mardi Gras Beads

The French Quarter has quite beautiful architecture, often characterized by ironwork balconies. There is a lot of humidity and rain there, so plants grow really well…
French Quarter

The scarf found a new friend who looked a little cold:

Zombie?  Mummy?   Don't know
(the scarf couldn’t figure out if it was a Zombie or a mummy…)

The scarf, being lace, was quite intrigued by the intricate ironwork on many of the balconies:

French Quarter Ironwork

The scarf really wanted to listen to some Jazz music, but unfortunately, Preservation Hall was closed:

Preservation Hall

As happens to many New Orleans tourists, the four of us ended up on Bourbon Street:
Burbon Street

The scarf really thought that it should be part of Mardi Gras – its colors just blend right in with the festivities…
Mardi Gras Masks

We wandered into Pat O’Brien’s and ordered a hurricane. The scarf was intrigued by the hurricane…
Pat O's Hurricane

“It’s Kool Aid!! Great!!! I’m SO thirsty!!!”

No, little scarf, it isn’t KoolAid. But the scarf couldn’t be convinced otherwise…

After hurricane

Things got a little wobbly after that…

…but the scarf quickly recovered and headed to Jackson Square.

Iconic Jackson Square image
(that is the St. Louis Cathedral behind General Jackson)

There was a clump of people standing around, and the scarf wandered over to see what was going on.

Could it be?

Is it really?

The scarf tried to be discreet in its celebrity photography…

But ultimately, the scarf just got so excited, it couldn’t control itself….

Vince Lombardi Trophy!!!
It was the actual Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy!!!! Right out in public where anyone could see it!!! A real celebrity!!!

The scarf was overcome and had to lie down for a while…
Scarf in repose

As we left the French Quarter, the scarf thought about rubbing the nose of this friendly mule, but it was decided that waving a scarf around an equine might not be the best idea (we didn’t want to scare him). Therefore, I got to rub his nose. He was very sweet and SO clean!!!

French Quarter Mule

After that, the scarf was tired and decided to rest up with someone who looked like she could have been a knitter…
Lady with ball of yarn

All in all, the scarf had a lovely time on its New Orleans excursion. It has grown significantly since it got home and hopes to be presented to the blog readers after it is done.

Many, many thanks to Tami and Melissa for driving, for putting up with me and my crazy scarf. You both have definate futures as knitting blog stylists…

pitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patter


  1. Great post….you make me smile :) Love the statue that looked like a knitter! Glad you had a good time & got to reconnect with some old friends! Love the colors in your scarf!

    Comment by Nachaele McGarry — August 1, 2010 @ 10:58 pm
  2. What a great post Cathy! Great pictures… thanks for taking us along! I wish I could’ve been there… ah, the hurricane, the mule, the green, the scenery…

    The scarf is beautiful. Can’t wait to see it when it’s done.

    Comment by morningbrayfarm — August 2, 2010 @ 7:44 am
  3. Fun post! And that scarf looks fabulous, going over to give that pattern a 2nd look now that I have seen yours.

    Comment by gale (she shoots sheep shots) — August 2, 2010 @ 8:34 am
  4. I am so glad you let your scarf go along for the touring of NO. I’ll bet you got more knitting done that way.

    Comment by DonnaW — August 2, 2010 @ 11:02 am
  5. Hilarious…..Loved the adventures of the scarf…hope there are more in the near future……

    Comment by cheryl — August 2, 2010 @ 12:26 pm
  6. The pictures came out really great! Melissa and I had a lot of fun with you and the scarf!

    Comment by Tami — August 2, 2010 @ 3:06 pm

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