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June 24, 2008

Cat Bullet

My Weekend

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My weekend dawned Saturday morning. Not too early, but not too late to start planning to get things done.

I hauled load after load of laundry down to the basement and started sorting. Just after the first load went in, the phone rang.

It was the Mountain Purl (the other Kathy), and she was inviting me to that evening’s Rockies game. I was so excited. I love going to baseball games.

As I pulled out my old (very old) Rockies shirt, I just got sad. It is so old and so stained and had a couple of holes. I couldn’t possibly be seen in that, right? So Mom and I went to Kohl’s. She needed socks. I needed a Rockies shirt.

Needles to say, neither of us walked out with ONLY what we went in for. But it was fun. And I am now the proud owner of a MLB Replica Jersey with Matt Holliday’s name and number.

Back at home, I pushed through the rest of the loads of laundry, then jumped into the car and went to the library to pick up some requested books, then went to the Park and Ride to catch the Rockies Ride. The game was incredible – very high action, and we won!!!

Sunday morning dawned (a little later) and I finally got to go back to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal to give a tour. They have been closed for so long (September?? October?? I can’t remember). We missed all of the fall and winter, my favorite times out there.

There were old friends to see:
Old Friend, newly dusted

And new friends to meet (a new art exhibit is in the lobby):
New Friends
(which is very nice, but we don’t have foxes out at the Arsenal…)

We went out on the tour route. Being very hot, we didn’t see much at first. When we pulled up outside of the bison enclosure, there were a couple of burrowing owls across the street.
Burrowing owls
(honest, there are two very blurry owls in this picture)

The bison were barely visible – way on the other side of the enclosure. Luckily, we were allowed to go into the enclosure. When we got to one of the cross streets, we had a slightly better view.
Bison Herd

They were way off in the field. They didn’t seem to be worried by our presence. On the contrary, they slowly began ambling towards us.

Coming closer

We were the objects of some curiosity…
Bison cow

Two of this year’s calves were out and playing around together…

See the orange calves?

Many of the bison were still working on shedding their winter down – boy do I want some of that…
Bison, shedding

The bison walked just behind our tram, no more than six feet away. It was incredible.

Again, we were the object of curiosity, this time by one of the calves.
Calf curiosity

As the cows and calves wandered by, the bulls finally figured out that they were getting left behind. Slowly, they got up and followed the rest of the group. Boy, have they really GROWN!!!

Bison bull

They are HUGE!!

Bison bull

It was really an amazing sight. I’ve never been so close to the bison before, at least not without a fence in between us. The bison were not alarmed or irritated by our presence, it was almost as if they came over to say HI and then went along with their day.

It was particularly special because we had one man in a wheelchair. He couldn’t see out really well, because the wheelchair lift was blocking his view. I kept taking pictures and running to the back of the bus to show him. But then, the bison crossed right behind the bus, so he was able to turn around and get the best view of everyone. He and his wife were so happy and thrilled, it just made my day.

Everyone was really quiet on the way back to the visitors center – there just wasn’t much to say after that.

It was cool.

pitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patter


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I’m so glad the man in the wheelchair could see the bison!! It was nice of you to take pictures to show him, too :) My family’s in town, so we plan on going to the Arsenal tomorrow.

    Comment by Terrie — June 24, 2008 @ 10:43 am
  2. I was interested in seeing the bison. They seem to be larger than those at Yellowstone. Their humps are higher and larger. Humps are where they store fat and and grow muscle for digging through snow. This time of year in Yellowstone the bison are very thin, the humps are almost all gone. There is not much nourshment in the new grasses so they can starve in a grassy meadow. If they have had a bad winter, many don’t recover. Fall grasses have much more nourshment.

    Comment by Mom — June 24, 2008 @ 12:18 pm
  3. Great photos! We once drove through a Bison preserve, I think it was in western Colorado, but at this point, my memory is dim, so I’m not positive where. It was thrilling, too. We had to drive very slowly, and there were times we had to pause to wait for the road to be clear.

    Comment by Anita Craig — June 24, 2008 @ 12:25 pm
  4. What a great weekend, those are wonderful pictures of the bison!

    Comment by Claudia — June 25, 2008 @ 12:32 pm

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