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March 14, 2008

Cat Bullet


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Viking Figure Head

It is Friday!!

It is also PI day (3.14) for those of you who care about those things.

So, to celebrate, we will dance the “Happy Friday Dance” while bouncing around in a circle.

Go ahead…. you first.


In other news, I knit through row 104 of the Mystery Stole last night. A nice bit of progress, if I do say so myself. Again, I point out that the trick will be to keep my interest so that I keep working on it. The poor thing is so happy to be out of its ziplock bag (which has been stuffed in the back of the hall closet) that it is being very cooperative. A few mistakes, but all have revealed themselves before I went any further, so they were easily repaired. (I think the key is to check every pattern row before you purl back, so that you catch mistakes).

When I get home this afternoon, after I feed the kitties (of course), I have to go to the grocery store and buy laundry detergent. I am completely out.

Now, that is the odd thing – I don’t REMEMBER running out of laundry detergent, and usually I am pretty good about making mental notes. Very strange. However, I have to run to the bank anyway, so I’ll make a quick trip out to the store at the same time. That way I can get some laundry done this evening as I am working away on the stole.

Wish me luck! I hope that on Monday morning (or whenever I make my next blog post), I will be able to report significant progress in the following areas:

    1. Mystery Stole
    2. Preliminary reading for my Term Paper
    3. Take the liners out of the planter boxes on the porch, hopefully in time to keep yellow jackets from nesting inside this year.

Wish me luck, and everyone have a FANTASTIC weekend!!

pitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patter


  1. Good luck! I hope you’re able to get a lot accomplished this weekend!!

    Cool picture :D

    Comment by Terrie — March 14, 2008 @ 11:32 am
  2. Good going on the stole, keep it up!

    Comment by Anita Craig — March 14, 2008 @ 12:26 pm
  3. I thought you were going to suggest that we all start working on the Pi shawl. 8-)

    Comment by Christie — March 14, 2008 @ 9:14 pm

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