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February 5, 2008

Cat Bullet


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Winter Aspen

Sheepdog day again.

Brrrr. How did I ever make it through the winter without hand knit wool socks?

You know the reason why you haven’t seen a picture of the completed Sweet Pea socks? They haven’t been out of the laundry long enough to take a picture of!!

Come to think of it, it would be hard to tell in a photo that the socks were dirty, but I would know and… OH, never mind. Don’t ask.

So, uh, how about a knitting update?

Mystery Stole: I completed Clue 5 last night. There are 17 rows of Clue 6 that I will be doing and then I will be at the half way point. At that time, I will start over again on Clue 1 and, once I have the two halves completed, will graft the two halves together.

Yep… a 99 stitch Kitchner stitch. Good thing that I LIKE Kitchner stitch.

Baby Blanket:
is at 30 repeats, out of 72 total. So, almost to the halfway point. It has grown beyond the point where I can comfortably work on it on the bus rides, so it is now a “knitting day” or other “knitting under distracting conditions” project. It fits quite nicely into my new knitting bag, so is the perfect “take around” project.

“Weeeeeeeeeee’re off to see the Wizard” socks: are going really well. The first leg is about 5 inches long, so I will be doing the heel flap and heel turn soon. This would have been my bus project for this afternoon.

If it wasn’t sitting on my kitchen table. *sigh*

I love the “brick like” pattern, and am childishly eager to knit the toe in the green yarn. Just because that is the way that I am wired. :-)

ETA: I forgot the dark blue “Susan’s cold feet” socks – they haven’t changed and are waiting their turn.

So that is the sum total of all of my knitting projects. All are from my Stash and were in residence before the start of December.

Have I bought yarn for me since the start of December? Nope. I’m still keeping with the “knit from my stash”. The only yarn that I have purchased since December was either for a gift or was ordered before the start of December.

Not bad, eh?

Of course, that isn’t to say that I don’t have a list of future purchases started up…

pitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patter

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  1. Sounds like progress is being made. Sometimes, making a list is all it takes to get started.
    Anxious to see the mystery stole.

    Comment by Mom — February 6, 2008 @ 4:02 pm

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