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December 6, 2019

Cat Bullet

“Frolic” clue one finished

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Well here you go. The required number of four patches from the first clue of the Bonnie Hunter 2019 Mystery Quilt.

I’m really liking the light blue/dark blue/raspberry combination!

I’m really pleased about how well they are coming out.  My new machine is really making me a better quilter.  I wouldn’t have thought that would have been the case, but it is.  I don’t really think that I am sewing any differently, but the new machine has tighter stitches and a more even (i.e. straight) feed for the fabric strips.

Every single intersection is spot-on perfect!   Out of the total ones I made, I had to pick out and re-sew about six of them, and they went together perfectly the second time.

I do seem to have issues with counting, though.  When I finished the four patches last weekend, I counted and had eight less than I needed.  So I made another couple of sets, which should have put me close to 16-18 over what I needed.       Last night, after I finished trimming to the exact dimensions (not much was trimmed off, believe me), I put them into stacks of 24.  When I finished, I was five less than what I needed.   ???????   That can’t be right.  So, I counted them again.  It wasn’t right; I was actually SIX less than I needed.   *grumble grumble*

So I zipped out another couple of strip sets worth and now I’m fairly confident that I have the correct number, with 12 leftover, and four that just weren’t quite perfect.    In any other year, I would have used them happily, but since all of the others are so good and I have extras, I’m ok with not using them.  They will go into my “orphan box” of leftover pieces.  Someday, that will make a nice quilt on its own…

Clue two was released this morning and it looks fairly straightforward.  I say “fairly” because there is a somewhat misleading phrase that seems to have sent people into a frenzy.    I’m going to use my best judgement and go on with life.

Everybody have a fantastic weekend!!

 **Please note that I’m not trying to be vague about exact numbers and sizes; Bonnie has asked that no one publish that information to protect her interests.   If you are interested in seeing the exact measurements and numbers, feel free to visit her blog


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