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November 12, 2019

Cat Bullet

That time of year again…

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Once again, the nighttime temperatures fall, there is the occasional snow, it is dark when I get off from work, Halloween has been preempted by the the early emergence of Christmas and Quilters around the world start to get excited for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt.

The first clue will be released the Friday after Thanksgiving.    In order for everyone to gather their fabrics ahead of time, Bonnie uses paint color cards to give us an idea of her suggestions.  This year, the theme of the quilt will be Texas Wildflowers.

Her color suggestions:

The two blues represent the Texas Bluebonnets that she saw, the Aqua is supposed to represent the light summer sky, the Raspberry/Fuchsia and the green are more of the plants and the neutrals are, well, neutrals.  Needed to enhance nearly every Bonnie project.

For the most part, I was really happy with the color choices.   I decided that I would make one change, however, as I am not a big fan of Aqua…

I chose a lovely, light, butter yellow.  I’m really pleased with the choice (and I saw lots of yellow flowers down in Texas last spring, so I’m sure it will work well).  The value is pretty much the same as the Aqua, so I’m not anticipating any design problems due to color selection.

I’d love to say that I dove right into my stash and found everything, but… I went shopping.  At least I went to my favorite “used” fabric store.   Given that I was late to the game, some of the colors were pretty picked over, but I found some really lovely fabrics to get started.    Over the next couple of days, I did some stash diving and added to the selection that I purchased.  I now probably have enough fabrics for 2 whole quilts, but there will be some editing as I go along, I’m sure.

My neutrals:

I’m fairly certain that the two in front will be eliminated, as they are just too dark. But seriously, how beautiful is that front piece???  I will find something fantastic to do with that, I’m sure…

My dark blues:

Pretty standard selection of dark blues.  As always, I’m sure that I will add and subtract some fabrics as I go along.  For example, the one with the tiny red specs will probably be removed so that it doesn’t clash with the pinks, and the paisley will be removed because it is just too big a print for the sizes of pieces that I am anticipating.

My yellows:

I’m so in love with my yellow selection.  They are so light and pretty.  I really want to make an all yellow quilt with them…

My fuchsia/raspberry:

Aren’t they fun?   I’m really looking forward to using these – I think they look great with the other colors…

My light blues:

Some editing has already been done on this pile…  The floral in the very back has been removed because its light background was visually distracting. The abstract and the roses next to the paint card have also been removed because I thought that the bright colors were going to fight with the raspberry.  Those removals have resulted in a pile that is much more visually coherent and calming.

And finally, my light green:

I like the green, however…   Bonnie stated that she used all one piece of green for her project, but that it wasn’t a requirement.  That being said, she often gives us hints like that which end up being somewhat important.   The green seems a bit garish in this photo, but I think that it was because it was just under the bright light.    So, I’m on the fence.  I think it plays well with the other colors, and I have nearly two whole “extra” inches over what the pattern calls for.  *gulp*   I think that I will be most likely supplementing this fabric with similar greens.  I’ll be happier with scrappy, anyway.


So, I’ve got nearly two weeks to go until we get to start our game.  I’ll use that time to continue to edit my fabric selections and also to work on UFOs that are lurking.  I would really love to finish at least one project before starting a new one, but we will see how things go.



pitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patter

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