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October 21, 2019

Cat Bullet

Monday Morning

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Ooof, things have been busy. And I have been uncharacteristically not taking pictures of things.  So, enjoy random photos of Ireland to entertain you while you read my musings…

(Dublin Door-so colorful and ornate)

When last we spoke, I was frantically trying to get “Miss Rosie” done (the project that I started last May down in Katy, TX) before the designer/teacher came to Boulder in mid October (Jaqueline de Jong).    I came so very close, but I just couldn’t get it done.  I think that when (not if) I take another class with this instructor, I will attempt to have as much of the piecing done before hand as possible.  That way I can focus my time (and her time) on attaching the pieces together.  It always looks like it would be straightforward, but there are always tripwires in the assembly.  And she always has hints and techniques to make things go better when you talk to her in person.

I did enjoy her class in Boulder very much.  It was great to take a class with my favorite instructor, yet return home to my own bed (and my own cats) every evening.  I had two friends from Colorado Springs stay in my house, which was great fun.   In addition to the two friends who stayed with me, there were two other people in the class who I really enjoy spending time with. Jaqueline is scheduled to come back to Boulder in 2021, so I will be looking forward to that!!!

(Kylemore Abbey)

This past weekend, another friend came up from Colorado Springs to have a mini sewing retreat.  She came up Saturday morning and left Sunday morning around 11, so we didn’t have a lot of time, but we were really very productive.   We used Jelly Rolls and a pattern that I found online to each start a quilt.  The idea behind these quilts will be to donate them to the Charity Sewing group of Donna’s quilt guild.   They always have a need for throw-sized quilts.   Both of us made significant progress.   In addition, I sent lots of excess fabric (mostly given to me by other people) to the guild for their use.  It was very gratifying to set the fabric free so that it will be used (and I’m not going to complain about the extra floor and drawer space I gained, either).

(Killarny Jaunting Cart, horse catching a quick nibble of the lawn)

So, where do I go from here?   I’ve got plenty of in-progress projects to choose from, so that won’t be a problem.  I don’t have any more classes planned for this year and am strongly considering not taking any next year.  I enjoy taking classes, but every new class leads to another unfinished project and they are really starting to stack up.  It would be nice to get some things finished for a change.

The weather has changed for the cooler, and my desires to stay home and nest are really strong.  I’ve been working on de-cluttering the whole house and it is going well.  I guess that my desire to finish UN-finished projects is just an extension of that.     Further bulletins as events warrant.

(Sunset, Galway, Ireland)




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