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August 27, 2019

Cat Bullet

Tuesday morning

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Nice weekend, lots of things going on!

A friend came over to work on a quilt.  She made the blocks a couple of months ago, so now was the fun of spreading them out and seeing how they went together.     These are the same block style that I used for the purple quilt that I made a couple of posts back…   but Peemin wanted a lot more colors in hers, and I must say, it looks fantastic!   I really love all of the bright colors.

We thought that we would make it a little bit bigger because she wanted to use it on a queen sized bed.  So, we tried out the precut black strips of fabric and decided that we really liked it!  Made the whole thing look like a stained glass window.   There will be lots of sewing to get it all together, but I think that we made a really good start.

Purrcy is always very attentive when I’m working in the basement.  With two people down there, he was ecstatic!   He kept jumping up onto the table to see what we were doing, so I picked him up so that he could see what was going on.   He glanced at it politely, but is much more interested in quilts once they are done and soft and cuddly…and have warm bodies under them.

Saturday night, Peemin and I attended “The Last Defender,” a collaborative puzzle room presented by the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.    It was a total blast!! So much fun and really fast paced!   I’m proud to announce that we won the game and averted Nuclear Destruction.   We scored pretty well, I think, because we ended up as #25 out of 200.      They took a group photo after the end… look at all the happy smiles!   The rabbit was one of three “assistants” that we had in the room during the game.  They weren’t allowed to talk but they would “golf clap” when we were on the right track.   It was loads of fun.

So, all things considered, it was a really nice weekend.       Last night (Monday), I finished up the remaining spiked borders for Miss Rosie, which I’m very pleased about.  No photos, because they pretty much look exactly like the previous ones.  Which, I suppose, is the point.   I’m not sure which section I’m going to work on next, but I suspect that I’m going to tackle the flying geese (dark and light blue).   They are the ones that have the highest quantity of remaining pieces, so I think it makes sense to do them next.    I’m sure hoping that I can continue to make progress!  The class in October is coming up rapidly, and I’d really be pleased to have a finished top to show her when she comes into town.

pitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patter

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  1. Love the stained glass look on the quilt, and I’m so glad you’re making progress on your own projects!

    Comment by Ginger — August 27, 2019 @ 4:42 pm

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