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December 20, 2017

Cat Bullet

Sigh. Update?

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Oh, dear. I really have been working on crafty things, but I haven’t taken any photos. I get down to the basement and dig into a project and just forget that there are blog readers that might want to see things…   So, as I describe things, you will just have to use your imagination for now.   Enjoy the lovely picture of Taffy above…

So, what have I been working on?

1.  Organizing the quilting room

I might have accumulated a bit of stash fabric.    *cough*     OK, I might have accumulated a vast horde of quilting fabric.   I’m weak, what can I say?   I see pretty colors or bright patterns or fondle something in a store that just makes my hands sing and I completely succumb.   A big part of the problem is that I hadn’t taken the time to organize the bigger pieces, so I couldn’t look through them easily, nor could I really remember everything that I had.    So, at Thanksgiving, my wonderful sister-in-law Ginger visited (OK, the rest of her family visited also) and she helped me decide how to organize things.    I ordered magazine storage cards to wrap the bigger pieces around and now they stand up on the shelves in my two white cabinets.  In (rough) color order, so now it is easy to see what I have.      I found such lovely things while I was dealing with each individual piece of fabric.      All of the precuts, fabric bundles and kits were moved into the drawers where the folded fabric used to live.    I think that this is a real workable solution to the storage problem.  Fabric pieces that are too small to be wrapped around cards will continue to be stored in color-specific plastic bins.   That system has worked out really well so far.

2.  Reduction of Magazines

I have a bad habit of picking up quilting magazines. I really enjoy them, as it is fun to see what other people are working on, look at color trends, and look at the advertisements for nifty tools that I don’t own yet.     But magazines really accumulate, don’t they?    They were taking up two full shelves in my studio and I really didn’t think that I ever was going to look back through them.  So, I’ve been hauling them in to work to share with two other quilters.   I’ve ripped out a few articles/patterns/photos to save, but the most of them will eventually end up being recycled.    By getting all of the magazines out of the studio, I was able to solve another problem, that one being the storage of quilting books!!   The books are now on the shelves previously occupied by the magazines.  They look fantastic there, and are easily visible and accessible.   Win, Win!!

3.  New Sewing Machine Table

I love my new BabyLock Jazz sewing machine.  The only down side was that it was just too big and high to be comfortable while sewing with it on a regular table.    So, I researched and found a really nice sewing table.  It was designed to hold a long arm quilting machine, but the company was happy to cut an acrylic insert specific for my machine.

This was my Christmas present to myself and from Mom and Dad (THANKS!), but I ordered it in November so that I could have it to use during the holiday break.    It is extremely comfortable to sew on  and is a really good size for a big project.  Purrcy loves it because he can jump up and investigate what is going on. He has also been known to take a nap on the far side.  I should probably put a warm towel or cushion down for him (but then, being a cat, he would probably ignore it altogether…)

4.  Projects (UFOs…)

A friend of mine was really interested in participating in the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt for this year.   I told Pam that I would do it along with her.  We have really been enjoying the process.     Here is a link to the “On Ringo Lake” mystery.  I’ve chosen to use different colors than Bonnie calls for, but that is OK.   I’m using Red for the coral, Blue for the Aqua, Black for the Chocolate brown and White with black for the neutrals.

I’ve finished the sewing for Clue 1, the Blue/black/white 9 Patches and am about 3/4 of the way through clue 2, the red/white flying geese.

There are more 9 patches, but since they have been trimmed to exact size, they are stored in a different location.   There are a few more of those to trim up and all of the flying geese.   I’ve got 160 of the flying geese done and need about 220 (ish).    I’m really having problems with the flying geese – I have to unpick and resew about 3 out of every 10 that I get done.   Makes for slow progress.     Currently, I’m cutting the strips needed to finish clue 2, and to start clues 3 and 4.   I’m looking forward to the holiday break when I can get caught up.   Or not, no pressure.  This is a fun activity.

In addition to the Bonnie Hunter Mystery project, I’ve got a fair number of other unfinished projects.

  • Purrcy’s quilt (the Halloween quilt)
  • Enchanting Stars (the rainbow paper pieced project started in Maine last summer)
  • Day Dreams (the muted blue/orange paper pieced project)
  • Multiple tops that need to be quilted into quilts (I’m hoping that the new table will make that project much easier)
  • A “Block of the Month” project that Ginger and I are starting with each other in January (I really need to decide what color scheme that I want…)
  • Potential projects up the wazoo…


Gosh, that is a lot of things going on, right???   It has been a while since I wrote down a list of pending projects…   *gulp!!*

Several years ago, I ran into a casual friend at the grocery store during a winter break.    She told me that she came out to the store that day because she was “Just so bored” sitting at home while her office was closed.        I will never have that problem, because I am well stocked with fun things to do.






pitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patter

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  1. Was taffy sitting on your lap when you took that picture?

    When you are through organizing, you can come help me in my studio. It is a mess right now.Mom

    Comment by Mom — December 21, 2017 @ 11:05 am

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