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December 2018
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December 12, 2018

Cat Bullet

Octo progress

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As of last night, I finished tracing the Octopus. Boy that took a long time!!


The backing/foundation material that was recommended has a rough texture and is hard to trace onto.   My pencil kept poking through.  Nonetheless,  I persisted and finally got everything traced.      I can’t show the whole thing because I want to respect the artist’s copyright, but you can see how convoluted it is.

I found that tracing the suckers (circles) was oddly soothing.   Weird.

My next step, I think, is not in the directions.  Because the foundation material is kind of translucent, I have a  hard time seeing it up on the design wall OR on my white work table.   So, I think I’m going to mark the edge with a colored marker so that I can better estimate the visual proportions of the entire piece.    The edges will be eventually buried under layers of fabric, so it really doesn’t matter (in my opinion), if I add some extra marking at this point.

After that point, it will be time to start putting down the fabrics for the background.   They are mostly aqua, with a greyish/brown emphasis.   Some are more blue. Very water-esque.  It will be interesting to see if I have any stash materials to enhance the selection. I don’t tend to collect aqua all that much.


Onwards and upwards.   Though, to be honest, I’m not sure an octopus would be very comfortable going “upwards.”   They like to lurk in the depths.

Or am I thinking of Giant Squids?



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