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September 2017
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September 14, 2017

Cat Bullet

What’s new?

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Well, sorry to be so long. Not much excitement here (other than random citrus items being left on park benches).  The summer semester was busy, but relatively uneventful.   The fall semester has started, and this year’s theme seems to be “Every instrument breaks down at the worst possible time.”   *grumble grumble*

With approximately 5,683  unfinished projects in my studio, of course the logical thing to do was start a new project.   But I encountered a quilt kit during the Rocky Mountain Quilt Shop Hop (start of August) and just fell in love with the Victorian themed Halloween prints.   I’m a sucker for bats, and my favorite poem is “The Raven” so when I found a kit that had both of those things incorporated, I had to acquire it.

Of course, being the obstinate person that I am, I couldn’t just follow the directions and assemble the quilt the way it was… oh no.  I had to redesign it  and make it more complicated.

I really love it!

The background is parchment colored and has Edgar Allen Poe poems printed on it.   The big blocks have “halloween-ish” quotes with lots of skulls, ravens and scrollwork.

I’m thinking that it is mostly done.  I want it to be a little bit longer, so I’m envisioning another strip of the parchment colored “dictionary print” (the one with the vultures) on the top and bottom.   I’ve got a fantastic orange halloween print for the backing and the binding will be the solid black that I used for the strips between the blocks.

I’m going to enjoy napping under this and hope to have it done very soon.




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