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April 2017
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April 17, 2017

Cat Bullet

Monday report

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Long weekend, lots of work.

I’m happy to report that the backyard reached a major milestone on Saturday. I got all of the garden tiers cleaned out!!! I’m very excited. There are still projects that need to be done, but as of Saturday, I’m no longer embarrassed by the condition of my yard. Happy Times.  :-D  :-D  :-D

Bonus, since I didn’t spend all day working on it, I wasn’t as sore for the rest of the weekend as I have been. That really helps with the mental state for sure…

In quilting news, progress was made on the Day Dreams quilt. Does anyone else get ridiculously proud of piles of trash? I use them to gauge progress.  This weekend’s pile was particularly pretty…

Fabric scraps from trimming edges, paper pieces pulled out from the finished arcs, etc.

I finished the four side arcs.  I think that they look really nice.

These will be set into the background which surrounds the center square.

I think the arcs went together pretty well, but I had problem when it came to joining the half-arcs.  I just couldn’t get them to line up perfectly, mainly due to too many layers to sew through at those points – the needle kept slipping off!!

You can see what I mean above the blue arrow that I added.  Those two triangle points should be perfectly nose to nose, but I couldn’t get it to happen.     I had to stop fiddling with it as the pieces were getting a little worn out from all of the sewing and unsewing and sewing and unsewing.      I’ll encounter this situation again on the 3/4 circles that are on each of the corners, so I have a few more things to try when I sit down for those.        I can live with what I have now for this piece, though, since it is just for practice.

Yes, haven’t I mentioned that this entire quilt is a practice piece???

Since I had a little bit of leftover time (OK, I was waiting for an episode of “Arrow” to finish that was playing in the quilting room), I went ahead and ironed the arcs for the 3/4 circle arcs and trimmed them to the edge of the pattern pieces.   They are all ready to go in my next quilting session.

Though I can see that I forgot to trim the ends off square with the paper, so I’ll have to do that first thing when I get started.

Happy Monday, everyone.  I hope that you had a productive weekend.



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