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April 2017
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April 21, 2017

Cat Bullet


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It is supposed to be chilly and rainy tomorrow (Saturday)… You know what that means:




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April 17, 2017

Cat Bullet

Monday report

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Long weekend, lots of work.

I’m happy to report that the backyard reached a major milestone on Saturday. I got all of the garden tiers cleaned out!!! I’m very excited. There are still projects that need to be done, but as of Saturday, I’m no longer embarrassed by the condition of my yard. Happy Times.  :-D  :-D  :-D

Bonus, since I didn’t spend all day working on it, I wasn’t as sore for the rest of the weekend as I have been. That really helps with the mental state for sure…

In quilting news, progress was made on the Day Dreams quilt. Does anyone else get ridiculously proud of piles of trash? I use them to gauge progress.  This weekend’s pile was particularly pretty…

Fabric scraps from trimming edges, paper pieces pulled out from the finished arcs, etc.

I finished the four side arcs.  I think that they look really nice.

These will be set into the background which surrounds the center square.

I think the arcs went together pretty well, but I had problem when it came to joining the half-arcs.  I just couldn’t get them to line up perfectly, mainly due to too many layers to sew through at those points – the needle kept slipping off!!

You can see what I mean above the blue arrow that I added.  Those two triangle points should be perfectly nose to nose, but I couldn’t get it to happen.     I had to stop fiddling with it as the pieces were getting a little worn out from all of the sewing and unsewing and sewing and unsewing.      I’ll encounter this situation again on the 3/4 circles that are on each of the corners, so I have a few more things to try when I sit down for those.        I can live with what I have now for this piece, though, since it is just for practice.

Yes, haven’t I mentioned that this entire quilt is a practice piece???

Since I had a little bit of leftover time (OK, I was waiting for an episode of “Arrow” to finish that was playing in the quilting room), I went ahead and ironed the arcs for the 3/4 circle arcs and trimmed them to the edge of the pattern pieces.   They are all ready to go in my next quilting session.

Though I can see that I forgot to trim the ends off square with the paper, so I’ll have to do that first thing when I get started.

Happy Monday, everyone.  I hope that you had a productive weekend.



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April 10, 2017

Cat Bullet

Monday update

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Well, I didn’t get any quilting done this weekend. :-( Very sad. I’m being all responsible and everything and spending all of my time outside working on my maintenance-free yard. (grumble grumble).   Side note, it turns out that if you ignore a maintenance-free yard for several years, it will turn on you in a bad way…

Progress is being made, at least.  I got the big garden on the ground level cleaned out and mulched.  The roses are all pruned and fed (THANKS MOM!!) and I started cleaning out the next tier up.   I’m very sore today, as I have been for the past several Mondays.

No pictures of the yardwork, yet, because I keep forgetting to take them.   Maybe when I get all done.

I do have a quilting photo to share, left over from last week.  It occurred to me that some of my readers (HI MOM) might not actually know what process I’m using to make the pieces for the Day Dreams quilt.   It is called Foundation Paper piecing, and you literally sew the pieces of fabric to the paper pattern and then trim it to match the line.   Here is a photo to see the back of the piece, in the progress of picking out the paper after it is done.

I’ll be really honest, I kind of enjoy the process of picking out the paper.  It is relaxing.   You crease the paper pattern on the lines a couple of times before sewing and then you set your sewing machine to a really short stitch length.   By the time it comes to taking out the paper, they are willing to be removed easily.  I have a nice pair of tweezers that I use to get the remnants out without disturbing the threads/stitches.

There are lots of markings on the papers.  The arrows indicate the direction of sewing, the numbers in circles indicate the fabric choice and the numbers without circles indicate the order you attach the fabric.    Before you start sewing, you are given a list of what sizes of fabric pieces to pre-cut so that they can be attached to the paper with minimal waste.

Which leads me to a looming deadline… Before I leave for my fancy class this summer, I will need to have all of my fabric pieces cut and all of the paper patterns cut out and pre-creased.  Yikes… lots of work to do.   It will all get done at some point, but I will be very glad when the garden cleanup is finished so that I can just do “quick” maintenance projects outside for the rest of the spring and summer.

Oh well, I hope that everyone had a great weekend and got fun things done.  Happy Spring (or almost spring) depending on your local climate!!


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April 4, 2017

Cat Bullet

Monday night work

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This is what I accomplished Monday night. I’m very pleased.

First, I inserted the solid half-circle inserts into the spiked arches.

As you can see, they come out a little wonky on the bottom, but don’t worry!  This is by design.   The designer learned that when she was inserting anything with curves, she generally ran out of fabric due to distortions.   So, she designed her patterns with what she calls a “second seam allowance” so that there is extra to make up any difference.

Once the pieces are done, then we trim the second seam allowance off of the paper pattern and then realign it on the sewn piece.  Then it is very easy to trim the edge to the proper straight line.

It is really great to take this class and learn from her experience!!!

So here are all of my half arcs, ready for the next step.  Hopefully tonight, as I seem to be on a roll and would really like to keep it going!

I think they are really pretty, and the inclusion of the dark blue insert really tones down the power of the orange.  I was getting a bit worried, actually…

The next step is to add a white border around the outside of the arcs, and then attach the Flying Geese arcs around the outside of that.    Wish me luck!!!


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April 3, 2017

Cat Bullet

Progress report

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Well, the blog has been quiet lately, but I have been getting things done.   I’ve been doing a lot of work outside, cleaning up my long neglected yard.  I’m making progress, but haven’t taken any photos yet.   I should have taken “before” pictures, but I didn’t.  So, you will just have to be happy with “after” pictures.  Once I take them…

Work on the yard is going well, and I have promised myself that I will purchase a couple (or so) of new rose bushes should I manage to get everything cleaned up before Mother’s Day (which is our local traditional day of first planting to avoid winter freezes).   I was also given some columbines and something called coralbells by a friend of a friend, so I’m looking forward to watching them develop this spring.

I was positively giddy at the announcement that this past weekend was going to be cold and rainy.  Well, they said Snowy, but that never happened.   Too cold and muddy to go outside, at any rate.  A whole weekend of quilting!!!  Yay!

Progress was made on the Day Dreams quilt, and actual photos were taken.

To recap, the center of the quilt is a square with a center medallion.

You can see it at the bottom of this photo.  At the top of the photo are four straight sawtooth borders.  They will be applied around the edges of the square with blue cornerstones (squares) at each corner.

Around the outside of the sawtooth border will be another thin strip of the greyish fabric (you can barely see it around the edges of the square in the photo above.  It will have small orange cornerstones.

Around the outside of that will be the arcs.  There will be half circle arcs on the straight edges of the center, and 3/4 round arches around each corner.   The arcs will consist of several rows/layers -two are pieced and two are solid.

You can see the pieced arcs above.  Well, half-arcs, since I’ve not joined them yet.   The top row (left and right sections) will be used to make the half circles and the second row will be used to make the 3/4 arcs.    The smaller (and lighter colored) arcs on the bottom will be inside of the large arcs.   Separating the larger from the smaller arcs will be a solid band of  light colored fabric (I’m still waffling on which fabric to use in this case, because I don’t like the one that I picked out) and then there will be a dark blue half (or 3/4) circle inside of the smaller arc to fill it in.

It is hard to describe with words, actually, which is why I don’t write patterns.   I’ll take photos as I go.

What is my next step?  Well all of the pieces shown (except for the center square) have to be steam pressed and then precisely trimmed to the paper pattern (which is still on the back of all of these pieces).  Then they need to be sewn together and the whole thing filled in with odd shaped “background” pieces.  It will be an interesting process.

At least I’m making progress.

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