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March 2017
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March 1, 2017

Cat Bullet

Happy March!

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I can’t believe that it is March already…

I was able to quilt last weekend, which is nice. I’ve been “losing” a lot of weekend time because I’ve been working on cleaning up my back yard. But the weather was too cold and yucky to work outside this past weekend, so I was able to focus on my paper piecing project.

I finished the step I was working on, which was the “flying geese” ring of the arcs that will be placed around the center square.

eight flying geese arcs done

These arcs will be attached to form four half circles, which will be around the central square of the piece (on the straight edges).  They were a bit time consuming.  When I did the first few, I think that they took a couple of hours for each one.  However, I think I finished the last ones at around an hour each.  Progress, eh??

I am very proud of how they are coming out.  The points are nice and crisp.

detail of flying geese arcs

The edges of the arcs look a bit ragged, I know.  These haven’t been trimmed to the exact edge of the paper pattern yet.  I’m waiting to do that until after they are pressed so that they are completely flat before I trim them.

I had a little bit of extra time on Sunday afternoon after I finished these, so I looked at the instructions for the next parts.    I was really happy to have something else to do, now that I had mastered this particular pattern piece.

The universe had a great laugh at my expense, however.  The next step?    MORE flying geese arcs, longer ones this time.

The universe has a sense of humor

The pattern designer was kind, however, because we had already cut the fabric pieces needed for these eight arcs.  It took some time to cut the pattern pieces out from the paper and attach the halves together, but now that is done and I can get straight on to sewing this step.  These longer arcs will be put together to form 3/4 circles that will wrap around the four corners of the center square.

Overall, I’m pleased to see that the practice is increasing my ability with this technique.  It is only three and a half months before I head to Maine for my big quilting retreat with this designer, and I hope that I will be in peak form before I get there.    The kit I ordered for this class is for a very complicated quilt.   Everything that I can learn to do before hand will be helpful when I am there.    I’m pleased that these particular parts are going well because they show up quite often in my chosen project.

I’m sure glad that they warned us that the upcoming retreat was not for beginners.  If I hadn’t take the time to do this project, I’m afraid that I would have had a disappointing time  in the class.






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