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June 2016
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June 20, 2016

Cat Bullet

Monday morning

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Oof, it is going to be a hot summer this year, isn’t it?? One nice thing about spending weekend time in the basement doing sewing… it is a LOT cooler down there. The bad thing though is that you eventually have to emerge into the heat of the main floor and the upstairs. Ugh!

OK, so there was progress over the weekend.  Here is the photo of my “almost-final” fabric selection for the Day Dreams quilt.  I say “almost-final” because I made a substitution for one of the blues in the center star points – I didn’t think that there was enough contrast, so I picked a brighter blue batik that I had originally removed from contention.    I’ll see if I can work it in somewhere else in the piece so that it is balance (I’m thinking about using it as some of the cornerstones that are coming up in the borders…)

Fabric for Day Dreams quilt.

I’m glad that I went ahead and bought more orange fabric.  I’m still going to try to use as much of the older fabrics as possible because you know that I like a LOT of variety in my fabrics.    I really (really) like the new fabric with the big pointy flowers.  I might even get some more of that, assuming that it will still be available, when I return to the store at the end of July to take a class.   More on the class in another post, I guess.

After several times watching the video and a careful line by line reading of the instructions, I started on the center star medallion.  Boy, was that hard!!!  I keep getting confused and sewing fabrics in the wrong places.  Or in the right places, but sideways.  Or had to recut pieces because I trimmed them before realizing that they were incorrectly attached.  I don’t think there was a single seam that wasn’t sewn at least twice.  At one point, I had to race to the sink to wash out a huge blood smear because I either cut or stabbed myself with a pin.  No idea on that one.   But, I persevered and here is the final result:

Day Dreams Center Medallion

I’m pleased.  It isn’t perfect, but I’m happy with it and that is enough, right?     Next step is a circular border around this part.   Wish me luck…






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June 16, 2016

Cat Bullet

Where does the time go?

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Kylemore Abbey flowers

So, welcome back to the world’s quietest blog.   Hope my loyal reader (*waves at mom*) has found something else to occupy herself in the mean time.

It has been hot and unproductive here.  I always have grand hopes for getting things done after work, but by the time I stagger back into the house at the end of the day, the couch looks pretty good.

Do I have any news?   Let’s see…  Sort of.    I’ve signed up for a quilting seminar/retreat in Maine next summer.  It is being taught by a woman named Jaqueline de Jonge who is a master of foundation paper piecing.  Her work is very attractive to me because it is very geometric and she uses very bright colors.   When I received my information packet, it mentioned “This is not a beginner event.”   *gulp*      So I have one year to increase my abilities, and how else are you going to do that but practice, right?

Luckily, the same instructor runs an online video class, so I waited for a sale and then signed up for that.    I didn’t want to go out and buy a whole bunch of new fabric, so I headed for the stash…  Here is a picture of my initial fabric selection…

Fabric selections for Day Dream quilt

(side note, the stash is starting to get pretty thin… I guess that my Ravelry “Austerity” challenge is starting to pay off).

I was fairly pleased with the selection until I started measuring the amounts of the oranges and found that I just didn’t have enough.  I thought about only making part of the project, but that really didn’t appeal to me, so I went out last weekend and bought a few more pieces.   I wanted to have darker oranges (as brown as I could get them), so that was what I selected.

I realize that a photograph of the new fabrics would be fabulous at this moment, but I don’t have one yet.   *sigh*  My blog needs to hire a more efficient staff.

Anyway, I’m happy with my selection.  I’ve been watching the video lessons and working on cutting out the paper template pieces (133 pages of templates means a LOT of cutting).  I’ve also been reading the 35 pages of directions that came with the templates.

Who knows?  I might even find the time this weekend to start on this project.     Wish me luck!



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