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December 1, 2007

Cat Bullet

Top 10 Stash Projects Knit Along

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It is now December 1st, 2007.

I have joined the “Top 10 Stash Projects Knit Along”.

We are supposed to ONLY knit from our stash from December 1st through March 31, 2008. Hopefully all of the yarn stores won’t be forced to close in the mean time (without our support).

So, I’ve thought long and hard about what my top 10 projects are going to be.

The first four projects weren’t really hard to pick out (since they are what I would have been knitting anyway!)

# 1: Maddy Sweater (Debbie Bliss, Pure Cotton). Have the front piece done, just need sleeves and the back finished, and then sewn together.
Maddy Sweater Front
Somewhere is a picture of the entire front of the Maddy sweater. Somewhere that is apparently NOT HERE! Sorry.

# 2: Sweet Pea socks (made from Red Rocks Fiber Works “Emerald City” yarn). Sock the first is complete and fits like a dream. Was even modeled around Knit Nack on Tuesday evening. Sock number two needs to be cast on.

# 3: Susan’s “Cold Feet” socks [aka - "Purrcy's chewed on" socks] (Trekking XXL, color 66). Very simple 2×2 rib, should be completed quickly (less quickly than normal, since they are on size ZERO needles. Boy are they small…]

# 4: Complete the Mystery Stole 3. I’m half way through clue # 4, I think. I think the plan with this one is to just make sure that I do at least one pattern repeat every evening, before I move on to something more interesting. I refuse to frog it, even though I’m not as pleased with the outcome of the pattern as I was last year. I’m definately planning to mimic the yarn harlot and put more beads in the “wing” section.
Mystery Stole 3, clue three done

I had to spend a little bit of time deciding on these next projects.

# 5: Use some of this (or a lot of this) to knit kitty blankets for the Cat Care Society.

Box o' Acrylic yarn

Some of my knitting friends who hang out at Colorful Yarns let me know about this one. 24 inch x 24 inch squares for kitties to nap on. Now, I have a very fond place in my heart for the Cat Care Society, mainly because they were the source of my two furry companions. (Frequent readers will note that I mention them…. occasionally).

# 6: Use this worsted weight Alpaca to make a vest.
Alpaca, worsted weight, 990 yards
Photo does not do the color justice: it is actually a deep forest/teal green. Very nice.

Probably/hopefully from this book.
Folk Vests, by Cheryl Oberle (autographed copy!)

This yarn was acquired from a Stash Sale by Judy, so I am particularly tickled by the fact that I will be using fiber acquired during a stash cleanout during my own stash cleanout activity. This desire is also motivated by our recent weather, where I’m discovering that sweaters and coats that are too big are just not very warm!!!

# 7: “We’re off to see the Wizard” socks. As mentioned previously, I am tremendously amused by the idea of these socks. I am going to knit the socks with this yarn:
Red Rocks Fiber Works - yellow sock yarn
in some sort of “brick” pattern (I’m picturing a modified basket weave or something). I will complete the toes in the remnants of the Emerald City yarn from my Sweet Pea socks. There have been requests by other people to see the socks, so I think they deserve a place in my top ten. And besides, I will need some socks to knit on the bus.

# 8: Use this Lion Brand Cotton Ease to make a baby blanket for my Aunt’s church down in Arizona.
Lion Brand Cotton Ease yarn

They collect baby blankets for babies that are so poor that their parents were wrapping them in newspaper to take them home from the hospital. That is a good use of this yarn, which was acquired during my initial “getting back into knitting” phase. The phrase then was “How important can “dye lots” be when this yarn is on clearance!!!”. I figure that I can alternate the dark blue with the light blue and de-emphasize the slight differences in the dye lots… I’ll have to do some sort of very simple, very fast pattern, because I have three other blankets that need to be sent down as well. They aren’t doing the babies any good sitting in my closet, are they?

So I will need some help coming up with projects 9 and 10.

I really (really really really really) want to make the Chevron scarf like Terrie made. Hers is beautiful on her blog, but even more spectacular in person (I saw it Tuesday night). Now I have one skein of this:
Red Rocks Fiber Works,  Sheer Luck
Red Rocks Fiber Works color Sheer Luck, leftover from when I made the scarf for my Arsenal friend. The pattern calls for two skeins with contrasting colors. The last time I was at Knit Nack, there was one skein of the Artichoke color left (light blues and greens), and I think it would be just perfect to go with the yarn that I have. However, due to a blasted long meeting Frday afternoon, I was unable to get to Knit Nack before they closed at 6pm. Heck, I was unable to get off campus before they closed at 6pm. So, I’m going to need a judge’s ruling on this. Since I wouldn’t be buying yarn for a new project but would be getting it to go with yarn that I already had, am I allowed to get it?? Such a dilemma, I know. I’ll have to wait and hear what people say in the comments. For now, I will be resigned to the fact that Iwill have to wait until after March to get it. *sigh*

So, as I said, I’m not sure about projects 9 and 10. In all honesty, given my schedule during the semester, I will be lucky to complete projects one through eight! So I guess I will just leave my list a little open ended.

Hope that isn’t cheating. I’d hate to be caught cheating on my first day.

End note: The following has been happening in the background while I type this entry.
Fixing Problems
So, by the time it is finished, my work office will be cleaned up and all of the next week’s meetings will be attended by somene else, my kitchen floor will be mopped, the litter boxes will be cleaned out and all of my clothes will be replaced with ones that fit. WOW!! Norton Internet Protection really IS a full service program. Either that or I am destined for pure disappointment.

pitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patter
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