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August 7, 2007

Cat Bullet

New Socks

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Well, predictably, I started a new pair of socks last night.

Mainly because I didn’t have ANYTHING to work on while sitting on the bus yesterday afternoon. What was I supposed to do… look out of the window???

I wound up my beautiful “Emerald City” sock yarn from Red Rocks Fiber Works (THANKS, MARY KAY!).

Emerald City sock yarn

You didn’t honestly think I was going to let such a treasure have a long term marination in my stash, did you??

On Friday, I had chosen a sock pattern from the current issue of Knitty: The Sweet Pea Socks. They are cute cute cute and I think that they will be perfect for this sock yarn.

The cast on is genius, I tell you, GENIUS!! Remember how much I loved the “ruffled cast off” that I used on the toe-up socks that I made for mom? Well, this pattern has the same thing, but for a cast on (so I can use my prefered sock production method of cuff down).

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this myself – she simply has you cast on twice the number of stitches that you want in your sock, and then immediately (on the first round) knit two together (or purl two together, depending on the ribbing pattern) all the way around. Brilliant! I ended up with a nice firm edge with a ruffly texture to it.

So, last night, I got through the ribbing and several rows in to what looks like it will be a very easily memorized pattern. My yarnovers are doing their happy little zig zag down the leg of the sock, and the rest of the pattern is just starting to emerge.

I can’t wait to keep working on these – is it time to get onto the bus yet??

Taffy, wondering what all the fuss is about.
Taffy spent yesterday evening wondering what all the grinning and giggling was about…

pitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patter

July 28, 2007

Cat Bullet

Finished Objects

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Well, today I am off to the Rockies Stitch and Pitch game. I’m really looking forward to going and sitting in the stands with a whole bunch of knitters!!

In the meantime, for your viewing pleasure, may I present some recently finished objects:

I finished my Mom’s socks. I love the ruffled bind off (which I learned from Leah in my knitting group).
Mom's Socks

Women’s size Medium
Needle size: # 1, Knit Picks Double pointed
Yarn Used: Trekking XXL, color # 135
Started 6/26/2007
Completed 7/20/2007
Who for: My Mom
Pattern/Method: Turkish Toe cast on (toe up), stockinette foot, 2×2 ribbing for leg, ruffled bind off.

After I finished this pair, it took me a couple of days to start my next pair (because I had to get over and get my Dad to stay still long enough for me to measure his foot). Once I got it measured, though, I made up for lost time in a big way – I already have the first sock done!!

Dad Hiking sock # 1

I suspect that this pair will near completion during the Rockies Game. This yarn is so hypnotic that I literally can not stop knitting it… I sure hope that no stray bats or foul balls come our way during the game because I may be mesmerized by the constantly appearing and very entertaining stripes!

Oh the hazards of knitting in public!

Other completed items:

Baby Bolero # 1
Bernat CottonTots yarn, Color 90129
Baby Bolero pattern from One Skein by Leigh Radford

Baby Bolero # 1

This was really cute, but was definately in “newborn” size.

It has a wonderful little motif on the back of the neck. According to the book, the Eastern Motif brings luck to the wearer.

Baby Bolero Motif

I liked it so much that I did some math and made another version, slightly larger.

This one was in Plymouth Encore Colorspun yarn (Acrylic/Wool mix), Color # 7064

Baby Bolero # 2

It knit up in some nice subtle colored stripes:


Baby stuff is so fun to knit and, since it is small, you get almost instant gratification. I look forward to trying some new patterns to continue to support Stitches for Britches.

In the meantime, all of my knitting for other people was nice, but I decided to start something new. For ME!!

My Mom and I went to Knit Knack yesterday morning to scope out yarns before the big sale next week. I was interested in a couple of Debbie Bliss patterns, and looked at the appropriate yarns. One of the yarns that I just couldn’t do without was from the Pure Cotton line, in kind of a sage/silvery green. Since the store only had just enough for me to make my sweater, I was too nervous to wait for the sale, so I went ahead and got it. Which is good, because I’ve already cast on for the front of the sweater. But is bad because I didn’t get it on sale, and it is distracting me from the Mystery Stole.

Can you believe that I hadn’t even started Clue 4 yet? But no worries. I tore myself away from the pretty pretty green sweater and knit 6 rows of the Mystery Stole. That broke the ice a bit. But I’ve got to get going on it, because the next clue comes out on August 3rd!! The designer made an announcement yesterday that she is going to give us the theme of the stole with the next clue, because (in her opinion) the theme of the stole will be blatantly obvious anyway.

I’m excited and can’t wait!!

pitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patter

June 25, 2007

Cat Bullet

Mystery Stole 3 Swatch

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Well, here is my washed and blocked swatch for the Mystery Stole 3.

It is rather longer than a usual swatch, but I had four types of beads that I wanted to try out, so I kept on with the repeats.

Mystery Stole 3 Swatch

I used Jaegerspun Zephyr, color white, and size # 4 Knit Picks Options needles (24 inch cables).

(Jaegerspun Zephyr is the same brand of yarn that I used last year, and I continue to be very happy with the texture and with how it knits up).

The first clue will be released on June 29th (this coming Friday), so I have until then to make up my mind which of the four types of beads that I will use. In this picture, you can see all four types of beads:

Here you can see all four types of beads

Because I am very dedicated to my blog readers (and because I would value your input on which beads to use), I even dug out my camera manual and figured out how to use the macro setting so that I could get pictures of the individual bead types:

Candidate # 1: Clear, Aurora Borealis finish
Clear beads, rounded edges, Aurora Borealis finish

Candidate # 2: Clear, mirror finish
Clear beads, mirror finish
(Note that these beads do not have the nice rounded edges of all of the other beads. Should I decide that I want to use this type of option, I will look into getting a rounded edge version, to avoid damaging the very thin lace weght yarn).

Candidate # 3: Ivory color, Aurora Borealis finish
Ivory color, Aurora Borealis finish

Candidate # 4: Pearls, ivory color
Pearls, Ivory color

Right now, I am leaning towards using the Clear beads with Aurora Borealis finish (Candidate # 1 above). My main reason is that this is the most similar to what the designer appears to be using. Since I don’t actually know what the theme is, I can only stick as close as possible to what she picked out. I also like the fact that they are virtually invisible on the stole, but throw in the occasional “flash” of light and color the further away you get from the swatch (and as it is moving around).

Although I think that the pearls are the most visually attractive (and stand out the best), they do not really fit what I think is the theme of the stole.

Of course I have a guess as to what the theme of the stole is. You didn’t think otherwise, did you??
If you don’t want to know my guesses, then by all means, stop reading now… You won’t hurt my feelings.


So, if you are still with me, here we go:

The designer has, in her usual fashion, been very cagey about giving out any hints. The only things that she has said so far are as follows:
1. Appropriate colors for the stole (based on the theme) are White or Black.
2. Clear beads with a mirror finish would resemble “water droplets” resting on the knitting.
3. A white stole of this pattern would NOT be appropriate for a bride
4. The theme is not Harry Potter related.
5. There will be a point, about 2/3 of the way through the stole, where a color change from white to black (or vice versa) would be appropriate.
6. The designer typically picks a theme based on legendary Women (Leda, Scheherazade).

There may have been more hints scattered in the multitudes of emails that have come out of this, but these are the only ones that I remember seeing (I’m only skimming the emails at this point).

So, based on what she has said, AND, based mainly on my own wishful thinking, I think that the theme of the stole is going to be Swan Lake (or Odette and Odile).


    Odette and Odile, due to the spell put on by the evil sorceror VonRothbart, were completely identical, except for Odette being the White Swan and Odile being the Black Swan.

    Water Droplets would be found on a swan’s feathers (in any color!)

    Odette was betrayed by Prince Sigfried, who swore that he would remain faithful to her, but in the end fell under VonRothbart’s spell and declared that he would marry Odile (thinking she was Odette, just in a different color…). This would make a white stole very inappropriate for a bride.

    One of my favorite books is The Black Swan, by Mercedes Lackey. This book is based on the story of Swan Lake, and I just happened to have finished reading it (for the umteenth time).

Anyway, this was my very first thought on hearing the color recommendations for the stole. It was reinforced by the pattern in the swatch (seriously, doesn’t the pattern look like wings, or at the very least webbed feet??) Apparently other people have thought the same thing, because I think I saw references to Swan Lake in some of the hundreds of emails that I have skimmed over the past couple of weeks.

It is all in fun. Please don’t get offended because I posted my guess. Remember you were warned to stop reading if you didn’t want to know.

Now, it is all over except for the waiting until Friday.

pitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patterpitter patter
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